Black Panther Rosary

Black Panther Amber Rosary Necklace

This unique Amber Panther Necklace is made using brushed Italian Silver with Yellow Sapphire eyes set with 6mm Amber beads with a Gold Vermeil feather charm for good luck.
All of our jewellery is Made in Italy by Artisans making each piece unique. This unique necklace is part of our Amber Panther series of Wildlife Jewellery created especially to bring attention to endangered species in the hope to rase funds and awareness in their fight for survival.

15% of all sales are donated to Wildlife Conservation.


  • - 22mm Brushed Blackened Silver Panther
  • - 3mm Yellow Sapphire Eyes
  • - 5/6 mm Amber beads
  • - 24K Vermeil spacers and feather pendant