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Amanda Marcucci’s adventurous, globe-trotting early upbringing is the true inspiration behind her jewellery. Led by Amanda’s ambitious Italian father, progressively minded English mother and her two siblings, they travelled the world, following her father’s illustrious career as he was head-hunted internationally.
From the tender age of seven, Amanda’s father taught her the importance of purchasing directly, from family run, fair trade artisanal businesses wherever they were in the world, rather than rely on the exploitative practices of giant corporations.
Whilst living in Austin, Texas in the seventies Amanda’s father used to drive her for miles just to ensure that her America Indian jewellery, clothes and dolls, came directly from the indigenous people at the reservations, rather than American department stores.
Amanda’s father’s business took the family from Texas, Miami, Milan, Paris and Florence before finally landing in London and it was through the lens of her diverse upbringing, deeply inspired by the world around her that Amanda’s creativity bloomed. Her early life was filled with rich stories, history and culture and Amanda lived the progressive values that her parents embodied.
A creative at heart, Amanda followed fashion for a good few years, starting out from customising vintage clothing to working for Vivienne Westwood and eventually making her own knitted dresses and accessories. In 2008 she had several international weddings to attend and clients to style and it was on these travels to Ibiza and Sardinia that she couldn’t find luxurious, beautiful resort-wear jewellery. Undeterred, Amanda set out making her own exclusive range made from chalcedony and agate. She quickly had passers-by on the beach stopping her and asking where she got her jewellery from. Amanda started selling these pieces to independent retail stores in London to 5* resorts in the Caribbean and it was from this first collection that the Amanda Marcucci label was born.
Embodying her early ethics, as her father would have wanted, all of her pieces are made by artisans in Florence, Italy. After previously showing at Paris and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks, her brand new Extinction collection will be launched digitally at London Fashion Week, September 2020.
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