Amanda Marcucci Jewellery Hits Copenhagen

October 16, 2018

 Pernille Rosendahl wearing Amanda Marcucci Scarab Ring

Copenhagen has welcomed Amanda Marcucci with open arms!

From the beautiful songstress Pernille Rosendahl spotted wearing our gorgeous cocktail rings to Ida Wohlert from GO TV in our gorgeous Scarab Collar.

Our gorgeous Egyptian necklaces have also appeared in Copenhagen's IN Magazine as well as Femina.

Ida Wolhert for GO TV Copenhagen wearing Amanda Marcucci Scarab Collar  Pernille Rosendahl Wearing Amanda Marcucci Scarab Rings    IN Magazine Copenhagen Amanda Marcucci Necklaces  IN Magazine Copenhagen Amanda Marcucci Jewellery Ida Wohlert wearing Amanda Marcucci Rings 

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