Who Is The Laughing Buddha?

Amanda Marcucci Jewellery - What Is The Laughing Buddha?

Laughing Buddha

Known as Hotei in Japan and Pu-Tai in China, our Happy little Buddha represents the good life, health, happiness, prosperity and longevity.

Modelled on an historical figure, a fat wandering Zen monk named Pu-tai.

Buddha of Love – sitting in love and compassion

Buddha of Prosperity – holding a Ru-Yi Pot or Bowl of Plenty up to the universe for receiving abundance

Buddha of Safe Travel – on a journey with a hemp sack full of protection

 Buddha of Happy Home Рsitting on a large gold nugget representing solid foundation, with a smaller nugget in his hand to give to others

Spiritual Journey Buddha – dressed for the journey in fine robes, with a fan for understanding and a sack to collect insights

Laughing Buddha of Long Life – sitting with his fan hat and enjoying the good life!

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